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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Victorville! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Victorville, CA. When it comes to pest animals they can come in all shapes and sizes, and our experienced team are trained to deal with all of the species that can cause an issue in this area. Efficiency and being able to resolve your problem as promptly as possible is the cornerstone of what we do, and our technicians can work in many surroundings, whether you are in an apartment or operate a commercial premises. As well as removing the animals causing the problem, we also offer cleaning and sanitization of the area where they were active to keep you and those in the property safe from the risk of disease. Animals don't tend to take time off, and neither does our team, as our telephone advisers are on hand to take your call 24/7, and our technicians are available for call-outs seven days a week. We will often get a technician to your property on the same day, where they will examine the area and can provide a written quote for the work. We also offer emergency call-out for situations such as when you find an animal in the living quarters of your home, or when you find a dead animal that needs to be removed quickly. Call us now at 442-232-2612 for your Victorville wildlife control needs.

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Victorville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Who is Best Equipped to Rescue California Pigeons?

Wildlife rehabilitators are basically advocates of the Victorville wild creatures. They are giving the injured animals a chance to survive in their natural environment. When the pigeons live in the city, it can be quite easy for them to encounter different threats in the busy streets of the city. The rehabilitators will be there to pick them up when they are injured.

The Responsibilities of the Wildlife Rehabilitators on Pigeons

In case you encounter a California bird, you should not try to rehabilitate them yourself. The needs of the pigeons are unique and you might be hurting them if you lack the necessary knowledge and experience. Call the wildlife rehabilitators if you think that the pigeons require immediate medical attention. They went through an extensive training that enables them to deliver the utmost solution for the injured, sick, or orphaned pigeon.

Rehabilitating the Sick and Injured Victorville Pigeons

This is the primary role of the wildlife rehabilitator. They will have to rehabilitate the sick or injured California pigeons before they will be released back to their natural habitat. Since the pigeons can carry heaps of diseases, you should stay away from the pigeons that are showing symptoms of illnesses. The wildlife rescue team can immediately determine the condition of the bird by paying attention to these symptoms. They can then provide the appropriate medical attention by assessing the condition of the bird.

Helping the Abandoned Baby Pigeons

The California baby pigeons should only received assistance from the licensed rehabilitator. The baby pigeons will require a special type of nourishment. The housing that is ideal for them should have specific features and details. Not a lot of veterinarian can provide the medical attention that they need. It is also unlawful to keep the pigeons inside our house for more than 48hrs. 

Educating the Public

In the case that the Victorville wildlife rehabilitator will not be able to provide their assistance at the moment, you should still call them and they will provide you with information on how to properly provide short-term care. You need to remain cautious when taking care of the pigeons. Wear gloves and masks to minimize the possibility of disease transmission. If they do not appear dehydrated, avoid giving them with water since forcefully feeding them can cause aspiration. You may also personally bring to the wildlife rescue center in case they can’t make it.

Wildlife rehabilitators are receiving a large amount of call, so you should not be discouraged in case you can’t reach them. If you hear the answering machine at the end of the line, you can simply leave your message and they will get back to you as soon as they can. Most of the rehabilitation center do not receive funding from the government and only rely on private donations. Nonetheless, they will not allow the limited resources to stop them from offering their service and advocating for the welfare of the wild creatures such as the feral pigeons. The survival rate of the injured pigeons will greatly increase if they will be handled by the rehabilitators.