Are Repellents Effective Against Victorville Mole Infestations? What's The BEST Solution?

Moles are nuisance Victorville creatures that dig all over our property when hunting for foods. Their digging habit can disturb the root system of the plants and can affect the form of the landscape. In order to deter their activity, some people will use repellents. However, before using this, you need to know if they will deliver a favorable solution to your problem. Understand that there are not enough studies that will support the use of repellent against wildlife creatures such as mole.

Different Repellents against Moles

While some California people will treat moles as beneficial since they keep the population of pests in check, their digging activity can lead to structural damages. Using repellents may not work effectively against them due to various reasons.

Solar Vibration Repellent

Though the use of solar repellent does not come with any California chemical solution that makes it environment-friendly, this will still not deliver the best result for your mole problem. This comes with a stake that enables you to attach it firmly on the ground. It will basically release a vibration that is intended to startle the creature. However, it may not be enough to distract them and encourage them to leave your place. Study shows that the vibration that they create will not be effective against the tiny creature.


The granules are spread all over the Victorville yard. This will release a powerful scent that will encourage the mole to leave the property. Unfortunately there are various reasons why they will not be effective against mole infestation. For instance, the scent can immediately dissipate since this will be introduced in an outdoor environment. Most wildlife creatures can also grow accustomed with the scent. 

Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellents such as mothballs and ammonia are not recommended since they can cause detrimental effects. For instance, your kids can accidentally ingest the mothballs that will lead to serious poisoning. Mothballs will contain compounds that are considered carcinogenic. Ammonia will cause throat and respiratory irritation. Furthermore, the content of this compound will only be enough to drive away insects such as moths.

Spray Repellents

Another popular solution against your California mole infestation would be spray repellent. Just like the granule repellent this will contain a strong odor that should encourage the creature to leave your property. As we mentioned above, the scent will quickly evaporate which is why you will need to apply it periodically. This may not be a practical solution for your problem.

For a better solution against Victorville mole, you need to ask the help of the professionals. They will assess the condition of your yard and offer you numerous options that will deliver a long-term solution. Apart from that, they can also introduce preventative measures that will avert mole infestation in the future. They will look at the original cause of the problem and will not simply eliminate the symptom of the mole invasion. On top of that, they also carry the necessary permits and licenses that enable them to offer their business legally. This means that you will be able to stay away from any possible legal repercussions.

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