Which Foods Do Most California Rats Love to Eat?

The Victorville rats are opportunistic eaters. They have a tendency to feed on a range of items from the carcasses of the birds to the rotten fruits. The city provides them a convenient access to different food sources. There are some species of rats that will prefer to eat certain food. For instance, the Norway rat will choose food that has high protein content. On the contrary, the roof rat will prefer the taste of the fruits.

The Rat’s Natural Diet

When the California rats are living close to the human, their preference towards food will be contingent upon the availability of the food. They will travel around the city to look for potential food source. You cannot blame the rats for taking advantage of the food sources that provides them with easy access. In order to keep them at bay, you will have to eliminate their access on food sources.

Diet of Norway Rats

The Norway rats are known to be omnivores and will eat a different range of Victorville food. However like we mentioned above, they will prefer to eat foods that are high in protein to address their body needs. You will often see them eating the carcass of the dead animal which makes them at risk of road kill. Apart from the dead animal they can also hunt fish, hatchlings, and rodents to supply their body with the adequate amount of protein.

In case there are no available meats in their environment, the Norway rat will also eat nuts, fruits, and grains. The Norway rat will choose to live close to the water source since their body will need a steady supply of water. They can also attack our pet foods that have increased protein content. Be sure to keep your pet food secured especially during the night if you don’t want to attract the attention of this rat.

Diet of the Black Rat

The roof rat loves the taste of the citrus fruit. You will notice that their activity will increase during the months of November-May. The citrus fruits that bloom during this season will attract their interest. The black rats are not picky eater. In fact, they will gladly eat even the unripe fruits. They are usually eating the fruits due to their water content. They may also drink water in your pet bowl and in the leaky plumbing system.

The California roof rats are notorious for eating household items. There is a great chance that you are unknowingly feeding the rats in your vicinity. They have strong teeth that allow them to peel the tree bark and break the tough shell of the seeds. They will eat candle wax, houseplants, trash, and paper. 

By knowing the foods that the Victorville rats prefer, you will be able to control the presence of the rats in your house. You will also know the right bait that you can use to increase the efficacy of your trap. Limiting their food source will help you minimize the rat’s activities.

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